A scientific committee is made up of the person responsible for scientific instruments at the Ministere de la Culture, a tribute to the wealth of our collection, a former director of the Musée des Arts et Métiers in Paris, Marc Seguin's main specialist,  two members of a Mission dedicated to scientific and technical heritage, three "conservateurs du Patrimoine", three researchers in cultural heritage and one in innovation. 


A steering committee, made up of represenatives of  DRAC ( Regional Direction for the Cultural Affairs),  the Auvergne Rhône Alpes Region, the Ardèche Department and the town of Annonay as well as of ENSATT (theatre) ENSA Lyon (architecture) and Institut d'Optique de Saint Etienne (science) supervises the preliminary studies on the Fondation's future activities and Varagnes' layouts.

The board is made up of Marguerite Seguin (Presidente), Valerie Lefèvre Seguin (Vice-Presidente), Jean-Marc lefèvre (Vice-Président), Pierre du Peloux (secretary) and Thibault Lefèvre (trésorier).

In the course of this year 2023 Fondation Seguin shall be created which will adopt a governance in line with the regulations relating to "Fondations Reconnues d'Utilité Publique".