A place created for innovation by the Seguins, ideally set for creative programs and to become an iconic place. 


Varagnes was specifically designed by Marc Seguin as a place dedicated to research and innovation, is a XIXth century « fab lab »: a forge, a mechanics lab, a chemistry lab, a glassware, a library, an artist’s studio, a « black room », a scientific instruments room, a greenhouse, an observatory etc.… Varagnes was and is still a tool to be used by those who want to realise their talents. 

Its location away from big urban places makes it ideal for exchanges, research and incubation.

Its « raison d’être » and the strengths of its future programs will make it an iconic place for creativity. 

Fondation Seguin will be located where the Seguins carried on their scientific and artistic activities.

The greenhouse and the chapel will be used for exchanges, seminars and exhibitions.

 The first floor of the commons where the library, the artist’s studio, the instruments room and the class room (or « black room) are located will be dedicated to research and development of projects carried on by people in « residence ». A flat will also be created to house them. The ground floor will be transformed into a kitchen, a restaurant and a studio.

The storage room will become a « smart room ».

Two other artist’s  studios will be installed in an adjacent house.

 A large barn wiil be transformed into a technical room.

Varagnes collections will be digitalised and used to create mediations and other numeric devices. 


Our archives have been recently classified as "Monuments Historiques" and the building and objects contained therein will be soon classified as well.  


For more information on Varagnes, see Wikipédia « Varagnes, demeure de Marc Seguin » : http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domaine_de_Marc_Seguin